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Fierce action of the religionists

Religionists turn out in the vigorous struggle against the US, the Yoon regime and war in south Korea.

The religious organizations including the Federation of Women Christians with over 840 civil and labor organizations shouted slogans “Yoon, stop hostility toward north Korea!” and “Put a halt to the south Korea-US joint military drill for peace!” in demand of cessation of war exercises against north Korea.

In addition, they planned to stage various activities including one million people signature campaign for the removal of war crisis on the Korean Peninsula, and issued a declaration on the current situation for peaceful reunification in the presence of more than 1,100 organizations of every degree.

Many religious organizations released an emergency declaration on the situation with over 1,500 civil organizations and nearly ten thousand people from various circles.

They picketed in demand of cancellation of tripartite military nexus between south Korea, the US and Japan, and Japan’s apology and reparation for its past crimes, making an appeal for unremitting struggle in denunciation of Yoon’s pro-Japanese sycophancy.

They held a prayer meeting as well as a press conference in protest against unethical crimes of the Yoon group across south Korea.

“The people order Yoon Suk-yeol to step down from the presidency,” they cried out.

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