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Fierce Campaign against FTA

South Korean people of all social strata are launching vigorous action against the humiliating Free Trade Agreement in connection with start of re-negotiation of south Korea-U.S. FTA at the instruction of U.S. President Trump. 

The FTA is a depredatory and subordinate agreement by bulldozing Lee Myung-bak into abiding by the agreement in order to reign over the south Korean economy.  

With the agreement, the U.S monopolistic capital and goods found their free way to south Korea to make south Korean business groups go belly-up one after another. The agreement sent south Korea’s farming and fishing industries into a tailspin with the result that unemployment soared.

Trump touched the re-negotiation of FTA before the presidency describing the FTA a bad deal and terrible agreement and is going to make a conclusion of it after he took office.

The people of different social strata expressed aversion for the present regime which remains dumb on the U.S. uncouth demand.

The Federation of Peasants Associations issued a statement on Oct. 5 to reject the U.S. administration’s demand for re-negotiation of the south Korea-U.S. FTA.

By the FTA, influx of the U.S.-made agricultural and livestock products is out of control thus the agriculture is stagnant.

If the present chief executive of south Korea regards the “alliance” with the U.S. as a mortuary tablet and dances to the tune of lunatic Trump, he will become a laughing stock of the world, it said.

On Oct. 10, the Federation of Peasants Associations and the Federation of Women Peasants Associations held a rally in Seoul to scathingly denounce the south Korean authorities for plunging the people’s living into destitution through the re-negotiation of FTA.

Members of the organizations gathered in Seoul with fifty trucks loaded with agricultural products. They expressed their discontent about sharp decline of rice price by the U.S. pressure on opening of domestic rice market, however, the authorities turned the cold shoulder on their demand, making preposterous remarks.  

They would demonstrate strength of the peasants by holding peasant meeting across south Korea on Nov. 18 and conduct one million signature campaign within October, a resolution declared. 

The candlelight protest will continue and the age in which the people are masters of it will come true by dynamic action of the peasants, the resolution noted. 
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