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Firm determination

 The South Headquarters of Pan-National Alliance for Koreas Reunification issued a statement a few days ago.

The south and north of Korea confirmed the principles of national independence through the Pyongyang Joint Declaration in Sept. 2018 and promised to open a new era of reconciliation, peace and prosperity. But the inter-Korean agreements and promises were broken off and reduced to a mere sheet of paper, the organization pointed out in the statement.

It said that the present south Korean authorities have fomented military tension in the Korean Peninsula by conducting war drills instead of keeping the promises between the south and north of Korea.

It stressed that it would accelerate a nationwide anti-US action for dissolution of the south Korea-US alliance and withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea. It would make every endeavor to intensify the nationwide anti-US joint struggle, it added.

The civil organizations of various circles, mass media and experts strongly claim the withdrawal of the authoritieshostile policy towards north Korea, while denouncing the south Korean authorities which have pushed the inter-Korean relationship into irreversible catastrophe with its animosity against the same brethren.

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