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Five Evildoings

   Some days ago, south Korean mass media announced five anti-popular misgovernments made by Yoon Suk-yeol after he came into power.

“Completion of prosecutor republic and violence”

“Yoon put down investigation into him and his family scandals”  

“Yoon has ruined economy, diplomacy and security”

“His regime has suppressed the labor movement and the mass media”

“His regime has intensified crackdown on the opposition parties and purged his political rivals”

Here are some examples.

First, Yoon replaced ministers and vice-ministers and presidential secretary’s offices of his administration with his henchmen of prosecution.   

Second, he and his fellows have been concerned in 170 scandals, however, the Prosecution Service has made lukewarm investigation into it, thus no evidence has been founded.

Third, the Prosecution Service did not call his wife Kim Keon-hee, the suspect of scandals, and released his wife’s mother, who was sentenced to three year imprisonment, on bail. She was found “innocent” at the 2nd decision.

Fourth, he pushed economy, diplomacy and security to the wall and he, who has been engrossed in pro-US and Japanese humiliating diplomacy, is rejected by the south Korean people.  

They sharply condemned Yoon’s dictatorship based on prosecution and fascist rule against the labor movement, the mass media, opposition parties and political rivals.  

Successive administrations, which destroyed economy, diplomacy and security and suppressed the mass media and opposition parties, met a miserable end. Yoon will surely be punished as he has committed evil deeds, the mass media stressed.

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