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Fix it in Your Memory!

Of late, the maneuvers of the US and its lackeys against the DPRK have reached the climax.

On March 3, the US and its followers cooked up the “resolution on sanctions” against the DPRK at the UN Security Council, taking issue with the self-defensive H-bomb test and the legitimate peaceful satellite launch of the DPRK.

The “resolution on sanctions” is a severe infringement on the sovereignty of an independent sovereign state.

Although they are doing whatever they like, especially outrageous acts, the member nations of the UNSC are hell-bent on checking the independent development of the other nations. It is the height of evil-minded act.

What is more serious is that the UNSC has been degraded to a marionette of the trigger-happy forces that are against the DPRK, the defender of peace and security.

Its name is “security council”, but it fully meets the requirements of the US that turn the world into a blazing inferno. The people in the world wonder if it is an organization of the UN or the US and “security council” or “war council”.

It never speaks a syllable of the high-handedness and arbitrariness of the big powers on the earth, calculating the loss and gain of their own. On the contrary, as a champion against the independent states, it has lavished its forte-“resolutions on sanction” on them.

Especially, it has taken innumerable hostile acts to stifle the DPRK that is the unique righteous state defending the justice and peace of the world against the ethnocentrism of the self-styled “big powers”.

Perhaps, the UNSC has been set up not for the security of the world, but for the sanctions on the DPRK.

Due to the tyrannies of the US and dominationists, throughout the world, the security has been under consistent threat and the people have been shedding bitter tears. However, the UNSC has passed its time idly overlooking the miserable situation of the world and run amuck like junkies when the DPRK has made marvelous successes.

The reason why is that, the US and the big dummies have resided at the UNSC constantly. They know that the developments of the righteous DPRK demolish their sinful high-handedness.

They should rivet it in their memory.

Despite their strangulation under the signboard of the UN, the DPRK led by the great prominent leader stands with self-reliance and increases its defense capabilities. And the time of their downfall is count downing.

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