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Fixed Will

A meeting was held in Seoul on August 14 to demand abolition of south Korea-US alliance and peaceful peninsula free from the US forces and oppose Abe.

An art performance was held with participation of the reunification vanguard and people across south Korea.

The head of reunification vanguard of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions said that they travelled across south Korea to launch action to erect a statue of draftees of forced labor, the activity of the reunification vanguard end by tomorrow but they would intensify a vigorous action for movement for national independence after they return their workplaces and native homes. 

Peasants failed to take part in the meeting as farming is busy, our peasants would make utmost effort to reunify the country, said the head of peasant reunification vanguard.

We will stand in the van until the GSOMIA is abolished and peace is settled, the student reunification vanguard noted after the end of the art performance.

Candlelight is the only answer to removal of treacherous group, let’s us prevent foreign aggression on the strength of national cooperation, the head of reunification vanguard of the Solidarity for People’s Sovereignty raised his voice. 

A new era of reunification is impossible unless the conservative force, which is being parasitic on the US and Japan and fattened on national division, is eradicated, let’s us open a fresh age of reunification by abrogating the Liberty Korea Party, they stressed.     

Let us open a new era of peace in the Korean Peninsula free from the US army in the spirit of national independence, they pointed out.

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