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Flattery act

The 1st trial of the students in court were held at Seoul District Court some days ago.

The students waged a rally in the US embassy against the US pressure for higher defense cost sharing.

They are not the target of trial as their act is so right.

Their indictment is an intolerable insult to the people desirous of the sovereignty and right to live and ass-kissing to the US.    

It’s totally retrogressive act going against will of the people, failing to utter even a word of protest to the US which commits atrocities brutalities posing as master in south Korea.

The US and its pro-US traitors, who leave the sovereignty and interests of the people to the tender mercy of the US, are real criminals.

The south Korea authorities should see squarely the people’s demand and stop the trial and release the students immediately.

The AINDF sharply condemns the outrageous arbitrary and gangster-like acts of the US and will wage the struggle vigorously.

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