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Flower in Praise of the Great Man

In Juche 77 (1988) Kamo Mototeru, a Japanese horticulturist, who was fascinated by the great personality of Kim Jong Il, named the flower he bred with sincerity after his august name, Kimjongilia, and presented it to him. 
Today Kimjongilia has become renowned flower that blooms in full in many countries and regions of the world. Kimjongilia greenhouses have been built in many parts of the world and the organizations for propagating the immortal flower are increasing in number. 

The Kimilsungia-Kimjongilia greenhouses and Kimjongilia greenhouses are found in many countries, including China and Indonesia, and the Nordic Kimjongilia Association was formed in Europe, the American Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia Association in the United States, and the Kimjongilia Amateur Association in Japan respectively.  
In particular, the Association of Supporters for Propagation of Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia comprising prominent persons of the world is an international organization with many branches formed in China, Japan, Indonesia, the US and other countries and regions to widely propagate the immortal flower. 
Kimjongilia is recognized worldwide as a flower with rare beauty for its large, fascinating scarlet flower like the rising sun, glossy heart-shaped leaves, and stout and straight stalk. 
The flower has been officially registered in the International Society for Horticultural Science as a new variety of Begoniaceae. 

The special prize and gold medal were awarded to the flower at the 12th International Flower Show held in former Czechoslovakia in May Juche 80 (1991). 
The Shenyang International Horticultural Exposition held in China in Juche 95 (2006) awarded the gold prizes to Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia respectively as they were unique and fascinating flowers which could be found nowhere else. 
Visitors to the venue of the 2012 Venlo World Horticultural Expo that ran in the Netherlands between early April and early October in Juche 101 (2012) said in admiration: We saw such a large and beautiful crimson flower like Kimjongilia for the first time; it left an indelible impression on us at first sight, and we want to see the flower again and again; the flower will be appreciated as the best for its matchless beauty. 
The awarding ceremony that took place in the Exposition Theater on August 22 awarded the First Prize Patio Plants and diploma to Kimjongilia. 
The flower was also highly praised at the International Flower Show held in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, in March Juche 102 (2013) and the 11th Azalea Exhibition in China.
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