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For National Concord and Peace on the Korean Peninsula

The Yongsan Regional Committee of the People’s Party issued a statement on Jan. 25 to denounce the U.S. and other anti-reunification forces for blocking peace on the Korean Peninsula.

The statement condemned the U.S. and the anti-reunification forces toeing its line for persistently preventing the improvement of the south-north relations.

It charged that the U.S. is coiling up the military tension by intensifying the moves to introduce special operation units and strategic weapons into the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity.

The anti-reunification forces are poisoning inter-Korean agreements, the statement noted.  

Warning the U.S. and anti-reunification elements, the statement demanded all moves wrecking peace and hindering reunification process that the Korean nation and the world want should be removed.  

No one can check the Korean nation’s great advance for peace and reunification, the statement stressed.  

On Jan. 24, the Seoul municipal party of the People’s Party called a press conference at which it criticized the Liberty Korea Party destroying national reconciliation and peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Broad segments of south Korea people are critical of the U.S. and conservative forces’ moves against the nation and reunification.
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