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For Peace

The Korean peninsula is one of the hot spots in the world, which is decisive of the destiny of not only Northeast Asia but also the rest of the world. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is making a great contribution to the world peace.  

                                                                   Peace-loving People 

The DPRK, a socialist state in which the people are masters of everything and everything serves them, provides its citizens with every condition for obtaining food, clothing, housing and others. Everybody lives in harmony, helping and leading one another forward and enjoying the benefits of free education and medical care under the tax-free system. 

Rev. Billy Graham, an American evangelist, said after visiting the DPRK that even God had nothing to do there.

It is axiomatic that such country and people love peace. 

As everybody knows, the DPRK suffered the ravages of three-year war (June 1950-July 1953) by the armed invasion of the United States. Afterwards, it has been constantly menaced by war moves and nuclear weapons amid acute confrontation with the US. In this course its people have felt the value of peace more keenly than anybody else. 

Since the founding of the DPRK (September 9, 1948) its people have made their consistent efforts to guarantee peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and in its surrounding region, raising peace as a basic ideal of its foreign policy and a principle of its external activities. 

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the DPRK is one of the countries which were the first to advance a proposal on the establishment of nuclear-free, peace zones in the world.

In April 1959 the DPRK government proposed establishing a nuke-free, peace zone in Asia.In March 1981 the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea and the then Socialist Party of Japan made public a joint declaration on the establishment of nuclear-free, peace zone in Northeast Asia. In June 1986 a government statement was issued on creating a nuclear-free, peace zone on the Korean peninsula, and in February 1992 a joint declaration of the north and south of Korea on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula was adopted and taken effect. The DPRK put forward many other realistic proposals for peace. As it regards it as an issue vital to the destiny of the Korean nation and an urgent demand for securing peace and security in Asia and the rest of the world, the DPRK has so far exerted all possible efforts to make the Korean peninsula a nuclear-free, peace zone. 

Yahya Zakariya Khairullah, an Egyptian figure, said those people who love peace and safeguard it in all sincerity like Koreans would be rare to be found on this planet.  

                                                               Peace Is Dearest to Koreans

Proposals and efforts of the DPRK and aspiration of its people for peace have always encountered with grave challenges by the US. 

The US has stationed its troops in south Korea for nearly 70 years, with the deployment of huge armed force and nuclear weapons in and around the Korean peninsula, and exerted constant political and diplomatic pressure on the DPRK, along with economic blockade and military provocations against it, in pursuit of its wild ambition for domination of the whole of Korea. 

The US, which has formulated a policy of nuclear preemptive strike and threatened with nuclear the other countries regardless of their nuclear possession, is further intensifying its nuclear blackmail against the DPRK, creating a hair-trigger situation of nuclear war in the region. 

This year the US instigated the UN Security Council to fabricate a resolution on imposing sanctions against the DPRK, finding fault with the DPRK’s legitimate and peaceful satellite launch in December last year. It further launched in south Korea the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises on the largest scale, involving the means of ground, naval and aerial nuclear strike as well as the troops from Britain, Canada, Australia and other vassal countries which had participated on the US side in the Korean war. 

Despite the situation, a war does not break out and peace is maintained on the Korean peninsula. The credit goes to the consistent, peace-loving efforts and a reliable war deterrent of the DPRK.

Peace can neither be achieved if one desires it, nor be maintained by begging. 

Tragic fates of Iraq, Libya and some other countries, that had abandoned their war deterrent, and yielded to pressure and appeasement of the imperialists, prove that the national sovereignty and dignity, to say nothing of peace, can never be safeguarded without strong defence capabilities.

It is logical for the DPRK to insist that possessing its own nuclear deterrent is the best way to defend security and peace of its region from the increasing nuclear threat and preemptive strike attempts of the US. It also seems the best choice for it, which set it a major target to improve the people’s standard of living by concentrating its efforts on the economic construction under peaceful circumstances, to possess nuclear weapons and strengthen its nuclear forces both in quality and in quantity in countering the nuclear threat of the US. 

For this reason the DPRK has put forth a new strategic line of simultaneously carrying on the construction of the economy and the upbuilding of the nuclear forces. 

It makes it possible for the DPRK to defend itself more reliably from imperialist forces, and further guarantee peace and security on the Korean peninsula, in Northeast Asia, and the rest of the world. 

The Russian newspaper Patriot wrote that the world is well aware that as long as the nuclear weapons are in the hands of the strong and industrious Korean people, they will guarantee the world peace for sure, because those nuclear weapons will be used entirely to serve the good-natured people and contend the US and other Western forces, which are making frantic efforts to realize their plots to invade other countries. 

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