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Formation of new body

 On April 24, 100 personages of civil bodies including the Bar Association for Democratic Society formed the Candlelight for Democratic Reform, Peace, Prosperity and Unification. 

The south Korean conservatives met a stern judgment by the nationwide candlelight resistance. However, the present government which was established thanks to the candlelight resistance failed to uproot evil practices and repeated itself disgraceful history of slavish submission to powers, studying face of big powers, the participants charged at the inaugural ceremony.    

They said that they would make giant strides toward the ultimate victory of candlelight resistance together with all political parties and groups which support the democratic reform, peace, prosperity and unification.

Noting that they would inherit the spirit of candlelight resistance to further develop it, they set forth three points of struggle; inter-Korean economic cooperation and income, suspension of south Korea-US joint military exercise and peace of the Korean Peninsula, clear riddance of evil forces and democratic reform.  

For the present, they decided to wage a vigorous action to put joint military game to suspension and against discharge of water contaminated by radioactivity of nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture. They renewed their determination to launch to uproot the conservative forces with a do-or-die spirit.

To this end, they expressed their will to hold forum to accelerate the candlelight resistance, carry out various kind of propaganda activities while strengthening unity with the political parties, groups and progressive press.

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