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Frantic Arms Buildup

Of late, the south Korean authorities is hell-bent on increasing defense budget and reinforcement of the military strength. 

Some days ago, the south Korean military authorities compiled next year’s defense budget 10.43 trillion won which is 8 percent higher as compared with this year.

Meantime, the south Korean authorities intends to purchase two stealth fighters in the middle of this month and ten fighters by the end of this year. They are going to deploy four high-altitude reconnaissance drones in this year.  

In the past, the south Korean military authorities launched military exercises for aggression under various codenames to stoke war fever.

It is a frontal challenge to desire of the Korean nation and international community to make the Korean Peninsula a durable and lasting peace zone and wanton violation of inter-Korean military agreement which agreed to eradicate military hostility between the north and south.

The south Korean military authorities should immediately stop the arms buildup contrary to inter-Korean agreement, current situation is little different from the past regime that pushed the situation to the brink of a war, it is an imprudent act of deteriorating inter-Korean relations, the south Koreans from various circles commented.    

The international community strongly denounces the south Korean authorities’ arms buildup and increase of military budget as part of war preparations together with the US.

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