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Frantic war maneuver

 The south Korean military authorities’ attitude is unusual from early in January.

The Minister of Defense and military brass of three services inspected south Korean army units from the outset of this year to examine its combat readiness and excite them with inter-Korean confrontation.

The south Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff set up a department for space warfare after stressing consolidation of the south Korea-US alliance and combined defense posture. The first corps of the south Korean army conducted firing exercise coping with firepower of the enemy at the training field near the demilitarized zone in Paju city of Gyeonggi province this year.

One of Stealth Fighters F-35A which was involved in the military drill made an emergency landing with its disorder of the engine.

The above mentioned facts prove that the south Korean military authorities are seeking for reckless military maneuver to create inter-Korean confrontation and push the situation of the Korean peninsula to the worst phase from the start of this year.

The military drill being conducted by the trigger-happy group at home and abroad lead the deadlock of the inter-Korean relations and aggravation of the situation.

However, the south Korean military authorities reveal its sinister attempts to threaten compatriots militarily in conspiracy with the foreign forces.

It arouses public indignation that the south Korean military authorities enthuse with warlike preparation against the north squandering blood tax from the people amid worldwide spread of COVID-19.

The current situation shows who persists in showdown and war and disturbs the peace and stability in the Korean peninsula.

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