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Full support, enthusiastic admiration

Chairman Kim Jong Un’s New Year Address for 2019 is evoking lively response at home and abroad and many articles have been posted on websites of the world about his new year address.

These are excerpt from the websites:

“Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who made an excellent new year address, is the greatest man and we show respect for you.”

“We wish Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un makes the Korean nation happy as he clarified in his new year address.”

“His New Year Address is wonderful. We have respect for Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who has personality of great master.”

“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is an unchallengeable state. We wish its economy thriving and people happiness.”

“The DPRK IS a highly civilized socialist country. It is an example of the world. We wish the DPRK a happy future.”

“Good luck to the DPRK!”

“The neighboring countries and international community have to concede that the DPRK is steering the situation of the Korean Peninsula and support it.”

“It is abysmal and right that the DPRK may be compelled to find a new way stressed in Chairman Kim Jong Un’s new year address.”

“The sanctions against the DPRK itself is international fault.”

“It is not too late that the world should put pressure upon the US to lift sanctions against the DPRK. Rights should be achieved through a stubborn action like the DPRK.”

“The DPRK has showed the greatest sincerity. Now the US should stop hostility to the DPRK and respond to the DPRK’s call.”

“Tribute to the DPRK containing the US with strength!”

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