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Future of planet

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is performing miracles and winning victories in the face of difficulties and trials.

The justice and truth are being trampled down by the power of the imperialism on the planet.

But the DPRK is hastening the future with its own creative way, making its way under the banner of independence.

Miraculous creation and legendary made by the DPRK became the most amazing miracle and event of the 21st century.

What is the key of creation that the DPRK, small in territory and population, has worked above-said miracles under the maximum sanctions, blockade and pressure of the hostile elements?

Because the DPRK has the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, defender of the justice and truth, who is leading the DPRK along the ever-victorious path with his outstanding political ability.

He is the symbol of DPRK’s mightiness and rosy future.

 The DPRK people are making giant strides towards the road the Supreme Leader indicates with absolute trust in and admiration for him.

 Therefore, the DPRK people are not afraid of any adversity.

There are many homeless refugees and hopeless people in the world by terrorism, massacre and dispute. It’s fortunate to have the DPRK, the flower garden of the people, in turbulent situation.  

The world people are speaking highly of the DPRK as the country of single-hearted unity and a paradise for people.

The Juche idea study groups in the world are lavishing praises on the DPRK as the future of the planet and humankind.

Being led by the great leaders generation after generation, the DPRK will win victory one after another.

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