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Gangster-like Claim

The US is compelling to south Korean authorities to increase defense cost sharing ahead of the third meeting for the 11th “special agreement on defense cost sharing” to be held in Seoul in November. 

The US has built international public opinion that the US suffers great loss through its outlets and experts. Meantime, it claims that south Korea should pay funds for the US strategic assets to be deployed in south Korea as well as expenses for the US civilian groups relating with war and military operation in indirect or direct way.

In this regard, broad segments of south Koreans call press conference, launch nationwide signature campaign and protests against the US.

The defense cost paid to the US every year is the expenses for the war against north Korea and funds to satisfy debauchery and avarice of the US troops.

The fact proves that the aftereffects of the pro-US sycophantic policy pursued by the successive south Korean rulers are very gruesome and the south Korea-US alliance trumpeted by the south Korean authorities is subordinate relationship.

The present situation substantiates that the more south Korea offers money to the US, the more the US will be arrogant and the noose around neck of south Korea would be tightened.  
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