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General Kim Jong Un of Undying Fame

Kim Jong Un Guides Large-scale Intensive Striking Drill of Long-range Artillery Pieces
General Kim Jong Un of Undying Fame

4 years have passed since the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un,the benevolent father of the Korean nation and great defender of the world’s peace and justice, was awarded the title of Marshal of the DPRK.

Compared with human history, 4 years are very short period.

However, during the four years, the world people as well as Koreans have witnessed the greatness and power of brilliant commander and have been benefited by his power.

The past 4-year-long time is a train of victories and glories achieved by the Korean people under the wise leadership of the iron-willed brilliant commander while they have smashed the world’s reactionaries’ desperate bid to demolish the unique fortress of independence and justice at every steps.

The doomed imperialists headed by the US have made a last-ditch bid to strangle socialist Korea. Despite all satanic cliques were scheming to unleash a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula, the peace on it were firmly ensured.

There has been an unbroken series of victories for the righteous DPRK led by Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Justice and truth not supported by power is no more than a piteous appealing. Lack of strength causes only sufferings.

With the policy of pushing economic and nuclear forces in parallel, the triumphant conclusion achieved in the hair-trigger situation in August, 2015, the military capability to attack the US mainland, the DPRK declared that the justice is alive in the world.

The might of Korea, exerting its great power to bring about a tangible progress and prosperity with strong arms, is just that of the tough and plucky young general of Mt. Paektu.

In the world, though they dislike the US, the cancer of world’s peace and chieftain of world reaction, many countries are kowtowing to it. Only socialist Korea, led by Marshal Kim Jong Un, sentenced the US, the filth of history, to downfall.

In June, Marshal Kim Jong Un guided the test-fire of surface-to-surface medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-10. At that time, he declared with conviction that the DPRK have the sure capability to attack in an overall and practical way the Americans in the Pacific operation theater.

Upholding General Kim Jong Un of undying fame as leader, the Korean people lead a dignified life of independent guardsmen encouraging a hope to the world people who are suppressed by the imperialists.

The world people are shouting as following.

The victorious history of the heroic Korea that has become greater and mightier by the brilliant commander will be ever-lasting!

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