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General Kim Jong Un, the illustrious commander of Mt. Paektu

This year marks the fourth anniversary of Kim Jong Un‘s assumption of Supreme Commandership of the Korean People’s Army.

It was the highest glory and a wholehearted pledge of allegiance from the Korean people, after the demise of Chairman Kim Jong Il, to the supreme leader of the nation who made immortal contributions to the cause of Juche-oriented army building and succeeded to the Paektu lineage.

Since then, the DPRK has won victory after victory in the confrontation with the US and its vassal forces and, meanwhile, has acquired powerful war deterrent victoriously.

The line of simultaneous carrying on the building up of the nuclear armed forces and economy, the ratification of plan to attack the US mainland, the triumphant conclusion achieved in the hair-trigger situation in August, 2015

The world has witnessed a tough and plucky young general of Mt. Paektu.

The destiny of the nation depends on its own armed forces.

Today, in the international arena, the law of jungle has been applied more frequently than in the animal kingdom. In these circumstances, it is clear that only the powerful might can safeguard the sovereignty and dignity of a nation.

The Korean People have felt keenly that the destiny and the might of a nation can be safeguarded and strengthened only when they venerate a great leader.

Therefore, they call Marshal Kim Jong Un the destiny of the nation and the country and follow him to the ends of the earth.

In the world, there are many self-important countries.

However, they go on all fours before the US.

Songun Korea led by the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un keeps the US, the cancer of the world peace and the chieftain of world reaction, under its thumb and is driving out the US from the earth.

His courage and spirit bear little relation with hesitation and vacillation.

He does what he determines and his activity is for justice and truth.

Despite the all reactionary forces in the world are tackling with all their strength, they are sinking into the abyss of ruin as the defeated by Songun Korea. The might of Korea is just that of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Being blessed with leaders and upholding the greatest commander Marshal Kim Jong Un, the Korean people have become the most powerful people in the world who make the others including the large countries feel diffident. Now the world follows the Songun Korea.

The heroic Korean people who became greater and mightier by the brilliant commander are shouting as following.

Marshal Kim Jong Un is the most powerful in the world!

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