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General of Mt. Paektu

Kim Jong Un delivers a speech at a ceremony of unveiling the statues of Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il erected at
Kim Il Sung Military University on the occasion of its 60th birthday
General of Mt. Paektu

Mt. Paektu is the ancestral mountain of the Korean nation.

It is the mountain where President Kim Il Sung had led the arduous anti-Japanese war to victory to deliver fellow countrymen from colonial slavery and Chairman Kim Jong Il, who safeguarded the destiny of the Korean people with his Songun politics, was born. 

Mt. Paektu, unthinkable apart from the DPRK dignified with independence and dignity, is a sublime mountain of the Korean nation for imperishable achievements made by the peerless great men of Mt. Paektu. 

The dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, who enjoys boundless reverence of the Korean people, is the general who is identical with the spirit of Mt. Paektu. 

Once Chairman Kim Jong Il said that Marshal Kim Jong Un is the general of Mt. Paektu possessed of personality and qualifications of a brilliant commander and his spirit is the same with Mt. Paektu. 

Marshal Kim Jong Un, who has an audacious pluck not shaken under any stresses and storms, solemnly declared against frantic war maneuvers of the anti-reunification forces at home and abroad. 

Counter provocations with an immediate counteroffensive, and an aggressive war with a war of justice for the country’s reunification.” 

We will never remain onlookers to the enemy’s desperate moves for aggression; we will do all we can to defend the destiny of the country and nation. 

If another undesirable war breaks out on this land as a consequence of the unpardonable actions of the United States and its south Korean puppets, they will sustain an ignominious defeat in the war and our great nation will greet a bright dawn of their reunification.

These are paragraphs from the speech Kim Jong Un delivered at the banquet held in celebration of the 52nd anniversary of the start of Songun-based revolutionary leadership by Chairman Kim Jong Il.  

The Marshal manifested his firm volition to make a breakthrough in the movement for national reunification by inspecting the truce village of Panmunjom when the US-south Korea joint military exercises Key Resolve and Foal Eagle were underway.  

He went up to the balcony of the Phanmun Pavilion at noon to learn in detail about the enemy movements, looking through binoculars. He emphasized that if a fight occurs in the future, the army and people of the DPRK will force the enemies to sign a paper of surrender, not simply putting signature on the armistice agreement, their knees bent.

Marshal Kim Jong Uninspected Mu and Jangjae islets situated in the biggest hotspot in the southernmost part of the southwest front when the situation on the Korean Peninsula was strained to the breaking point due to the war provocations of the US and Lee Myung-bak regime. 

He, who pays no regard to his safety to defend the destiny of the country and people, issued an order that if the enemy dares recklessly preempt firing and even a single shell drops on the territory of the DPRK, the KPA should deal at once deadly counter-blows at the enemy and lead the battle to a sacred war for national reunification.

It is an inflexible resolution and will of Marshal Kim Jong Un, another illustrious commander of Mt. Paektu, to fulfill the cause of national reunification, the lifelong desire of President Kim Il Sungand Chairman Kim Jong Il at all costs.

The south Korean mass media mentioned that we advise the south Korean authorities is better to conduct exercise for reunification and stop the hopeless war drills, even now the some western mass media throw mud at north Korea, while vociferating “instability” and even “collapse of north Korea. Present reality proves these allegations are groundless rumors and foolish imaginings.”   

Led by the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, who is identical with President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula would be secured and Korea’s reunification the Korean nation is longing for would be achieved without fail. 

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