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General Secretary Kim Jong Un Sends Important Letter to Participants in Ninth KCU Congress

The Ninth Congress of the Korean Children’s Union took place in Pyongyang on December 26-27.

The congress is a grand meeting of KCU members which is of weighty significance in strikingly demonstrating the succession and invincibility of the Juche cause and surely guaranteeing the eternal advance of the Korean revolution.

Attending it were delegates nominated by the KCU organizations across the country.

Present there at invitation were officials of the youth league and officials related to the education of the youth and children.

The platform was taken by Ri Tu Song, department director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Mun Chol, chairman of the Central Committee of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League, Kim Sung Du, chairman of the Education Commission, officials of the youth league, officials concerned and exemplary delegates of the KCU.

The congress approved the following agenda items:

1. On reviewing the implementation of the important tasks set forth by the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un in his historic speech “Let KCU Members Become True Sons and Daughters, Young Revolutionaries, of the Socialist Country” at the Eighth Congress of the KCU

2. On revision of the KCU rules.

Courteously conveyed at the congress was “March towards the Future of a Powerful Country under the Unfurled Flag of the Korean Children’s Union“, an important letter sent by Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the benevolent father of Korean schoolchildren, to the participants in the Ninth KCU Congress.

The congress discussed the first agenda item.

Mun Chol, chairman of the Central Committee of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League, made a report on the first agenda item.

The reporter noted that the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un has guided the KCU members step by step to grow up into reliable and strong pillars of the country, regarding it as the most important affair related to the future of the revolution to bring up schoolchildren well.

While handling lots of affairs for turning the DPRK into the foremost country envied by the whole world, Kim Jong Un has always given top priority to the work for the rising generation, the reporter said, adding:

The respected fatherly Marshal has laid a firm guarantee for enabling the KCU members to enjoy all blessings in the bosom of the great and dignified socialist country with the most powerful strength in the world.

The reporter referred to the successes made in the work for developing the KCU into the eternal children’s organization of the Workers’ Party of Korea and preparing all the KCU members to be true sons and daughters and young revolutionaries of the socialist country over the past five years.

It is a proud review of the work of the KCU after its Eighth Congress that the KCU has been strengthened into a children’s organization dynamically advancing under the leadership of the respected fatherly Marshal and its members have been more reliably prepared as future pillars, he said.

The reporter called on all the participants to firmly prepare themselves as reserves of a thriving Korea, flying the flag of the KCU and the red necktie with the pride and honour of being members of the glorious KCU.

Speeches were made on the first agenda item.

The speakers expressed their determination to bring about a radical turn in the work of the KCU, bearing deep in their mind the great love and trust of the respected fatherly Marshal who has taken warm care of all the KCU members while valuing them as the joy and pride, hope and future of the socialist country, and thus usher in a new heyday of the Juche-oriented children’s movement.

Adopted at the congress was a resolution “On firmly preparing the KCU members as reliable successors to the revolution and true sons and daughters of the socialist country intensely loyal to the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un”.

The congress discussed and decided on the second agenda item “On revision of the KCU rules”.

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