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Get out of south Korea at once!

On May 22, 1980, thirty years ago, the National Council of Student Representatives declared the day when an America aircraft carrier made Busan port as the anti-US day. 
Marking the 40th anniversary of the Gwangju Popular Uprising and 30th anniversary of proclamation of the anti-US day, south Koreans from various circles have carried on a sustained struggle to drive out the US troops, which have inflicted miseries and pains upon the south Koreans for 75 years, from south Korea.  
Civic organizations and citizens held rallies in Gwangju on May 22.

Noting that the spirit of May is that of national independence against the US and of national reunification, they called for the people all out in the struggle to reject oppression of the US in the spirit of the martyrs.
A rally was sponsored by the Yongsan committee affiliated to the People’s Party, the People’s Sovereignty Solidarity, the Progressive Federation of University Students and the Youth Party near the US military base in Yongsan on May 24.
They chanted slogans against the US, while noting that the US disturbs peace of the Korean Peninsula by conducting military exercises and introducing strategic weaponry.   
Civic organizations in Daegu called a news conference on May 26. They said that they would continue to wage anti-US actions in the future, too.
In the meantime, civic groups including the Gyeonggi Provincial Sovereignty Solidarity held a meeting outside the US military base. They chanted slogans “Stop the US reconnaissance drone’s flight over the Korean Peninsula!”, “Stop introduction of strategic arms!” and “Retract the sanctions against north Korea!”
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