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Gigantic Achievements

The day of the Shining star is drawing near.

 Chairman Kim Jong Il was born on February 16, 1942 as a bright star of Mt. Paektu when the anti-Japanese armed struggle was at its height.

The day was the extremely good luck one that made it possible for the Korean people are blessed with generals generation after generation. It is a great auspicious event that promised the eternal victory and glory for the Korean nation.

He, possessed of the personality and qualification of great man, had led the sacred history of revolution for decade after decade.   

He, with his unshakable faith, had held higher the banner of Songun in the intricate vortex of the 1990s. 

He had brought about a great victory in the battle minus gunfire with the allied forces of imperialism to defend the national sovereignty and consolidate the DPRK as an invulnerable bulwark with the single-hearted unity and self-defensive military muscle. 

He, regarding it as his lifelong motto to believe in the people as in Heaven, had shared bitters and sweets with his people and turned the DPRK into the people-centered socialist paradise.

He had laid a strong foundation of independent reunification with his warm compatriotism and unwavering willingness to reunify the country. He had made titanic contributions to be etched in the history of global politics and pushed forward the human cause of independence with his external activities and experienced political diplomacy.

The imperishable achievements made by Chairman Kim Jong Il will shine for ages along with the history of the nation.  

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