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Gloomy Land

Young people are rejected as troublemakers of the society in south Korea where extreme egoism, all descriptions of immorality and depravity are rife.

According to data issued by the Public Prosecutors Office, out of 100 000 population, the number of juvenile criminals increased 737.4 in 2015 from 540.8 in 2006.

The pupils in their teens, who have been tainted with corrupt bourgeois ideological poisoning, are committing crimes beyond imagination.  

Some days ago, a 15 year old pupil beat his father suffering cerebral infarction to death for the mere reason that his father did not offer him money for computer game.

From June of 2016 to June of 2017, six unsound pupils in Gwangju kidnapped boys and girls at the same age to the playgrounds or inns to wrench money or valuables from them, making an assault upon them.

Girls in their teens, who should be respected as flower of the society, are committing violence and crime to turn themselves into wicked one.

They lured girls at the same age to a lonely place to employ violence against them and made public the violence through websites after taking a photograph of the scene by their handphones.

 On January 5, two vagrants in Yosu of South Cheolla Province swiped grain and valuable articles worth three hundred million won (300 000 US$) in 40 occasions and a 17 year old vagabond in Gwangju killed a housewife in her 50s with a deadly weapon to empty her money and valuables.  

The number of drug abusers under 10s increased 2.2 times in 2015 as compared with 2013 in south Korea.

The above-said facts go to prove that juvenile delinquency in south Korea is an obstinate disease caused by corrupt capitalism and south Korea is a dark land unfit for human inhabitation devoid of future.

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