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Goal of arms buildup?

Of late, the south Korean military authorities revealed its sinister attempt to make 120 “KF-21” fighters in a great quantity and deploy them until 2032.
A few days ago, they made public a plan of introduction of “AH-64E” helicopters and construction of three new-type Aegis destroyers.
They also planned to improve capacity of 1000 “K1E1” tanks and warships.
Meanwhile, a large-scaled landing drill against north Korea was conducted in Pohang of North Gyeongsang Province with an involvement of army, navy and air.
The south Korean military have made frantic effort to stage war games and lavished a fabulous amount of money on introduction of war hardware irrespective of people’s livelihood. It shows that the south Korean military are warmongers wrecking peace and security of the Korean Peninsula.  
The south Korean people from all social standings raise their voices in denunciation of the south Korean authorities’ moves of the reinforcement of the armed forces.
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