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Grave Consequences

After his junket to the US, south Korean President Moon-Jae-in decided to purchase US-made ammunition worth ten billion US$ in three years to come under duress of the US President Trump. 

The south Korean authorities have to buy the US-made stealth fighters “F-35A” and next-generation sea patrol plane “Poseidon” with the investment of funds running to astronomical figures.

South Korea has been reduced into an arsenal of foreign force by widely introducing the US-made ammunition into south Korea throughout the world.

The south Korean authorities, which have mentioned about “dialogue” and “peace”,  are cooking up a scheme to introduce war harware against north Korea.

It is an intolerable treachery of inter-Korean agreemnt and anti-national crime inviting the disaster of war in the Korean Peninsula.

The south Koreans, ponderinng over the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by purchase of the US-made weaponry, turn out in the struggle against the introduction of the war hardware.

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