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Great leader, benevolent father

The authority of an outstanding leader is the dignity of a nation. It adds brilliance to national prestige. When a minor nation has a great leader, it can become a powerful state which ranks with great powers.

It is the greatest fortune for a nation to have a prominent leader with high prestige.

National prestige of the Juche Korea and the dignity of the people are directly linked with high authority of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Led by Kim Jong Un, north Korea has made rapid progress in the overall development of socialist construction and monumental edifices have been erected and enormous change have been made across the country.

Thanks to his seasoned leadership and great personality, a great heyday of construction has been ushered in year after year, monumental edifices of self-reliance have been built in succession, and the new history of gold mountains, golden fields and golden seas has started and the new flowering period of building socialist civilization has been opened up in north Korea.

A great victory in the epidemic prevention etched in the history of world public health and strong military muscle has been beefed up in defiance of unheard-of extreme trials and north Korea’s dignity and prestige have been displayed throughout the world on the highest level.

Kim Jong Un‘s far-sighted acumen, bold determination and matchless pluck are indeed the source of propelling north Korea along the road of victory and reversing the worst difficult period in the national history into the heyday of bolstering national strength.

The series of world-startling victories and successes are unthinkable apart from stubborn power of execution of Kim Jong Un.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un has the absolute authority that has no match with the leaders of any countries as he has rendered distinguished services on behalf of the times and revolution, and the nation with his outstanding ideology, unusual leadership and gigantic revolutionary practice.

Under the sagacious guidance of Kim Jong Un, the greatest-ever person, north Korea will be sure to leap into a world power in which the ideal and dreams of the people are translated into reality, displaying dignity and prestige of the heroic Korea throughout the world in the future.

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