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Great man alive with undying feats

     In July the hearts of the Korean nation and humankind are filled with intense yearning for great person.

Whenever July comes, they recollect with deep emotion the sacred career of President Kim Il Sung who was born as the sun of Juche to open up the era of independence unprecedented in history and performed titanic exploits on behalf of the nation and humanity.

President Kim Il Sung, who embarked on the road of revolution in his early teen, devoted his all to the cause of independence of the working people, and performed immense exploits which will be specially registered in history for the rosy future of the nation and mankind.

He opened up a new era of history in which the working people hew out their own destiny independently by fathering the immortal Juche idea, the acme in the history of human thoughts, with his unusual ideological and theoretical wisdom.

He launched the anti-Japanese imperialist armed struggle on Mt Paektu and smashed the Japanese imperialist aggressors to achieve the historic cause of national liberation, frustrated the aggressive ambition of the US imperialists who boasted of being “the strongest” in the world to win the historical victory in the 1950s and built a powerful nation independent, self-sufficient and self-reliance in defense with his outstanding guidance.

He, who penetrated deep into historic necessity of succession of the Juche revolutionary cause with his far-sighted sagacity, successfully gave perfect solution to the issue of succession to the leadership. It is the greatest of the President’s exploits by which the Korean people are blessed with illustrious leaders through generations.

He devoted his time and energy to provide the Korean nation with a reunified country and laid a solid foundation for the country’s reunification.

The President, who set national reunification as the national supreme task from the very day of national division, put forth the most fair and reasonable proposals such as the three charters for national reunification. He embraced all the country fellowmen to lead them to the movement for independent reunification with his broadmindedness and noble personality.   

Kim Il Sung ushered in a fresh age of struggle against imperialism and the US with his outstanding ideology, rare strategy and tactics to steer the human cause of independence to victory. He bestowed warm love upon the world progressives.  

Indeed, the President is a peerlessly great man who is possessed of the personality and qualification of great man at the highest level and made undying achievements on behalf of the country, nation, times, history and humanity with his indefatigable efforts in the whole course of his leadership of the DPRK.    

Today the Korean nation and the world progressives are looking up to President Kim Il Sung as the eternal sun of Juche and highly eulogize imperishable achievements made by the President as the greatest one which will shine through all ages.

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