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Great Man’s Life

Great Man’s Life

22 years have passed since the demise of the President Kim Il Sung.

Every July, the irresistible yearnings for President Kim Il Sung, who devoted his all life to the cause of national reunification, are intensified.
Human history knows a lot of persons who served the people. However, of them, there is no one in the world as great as the President. He worked his heart and soul only for the happiness and prosperity of the nation.

President Kim Il Sung, the sun of the Korean nation, embraced the nation with ardent love for nation and broad magnanimity. He put his mind to the national reunification throughout his lifetime and tried to hand down a reunified country as the biggest present to the Korean nation.

Regardless of their idea, political view, religion and class, he took care of the all people who love the nation and want national reunification. Under his warm care, they made their lives honorable on the road of genuine patriotism.

His devotion for the reunification provided the three-point charter for national reunification to the nation.

His immortal exploits and tireless efforts for the national reunification are reflected in his last autograph.

It is not so long, but it contains the President’s life and desire and it links with the national reunification and prosperity of the nation. It is engraved in the minds of the Korean nation as a symbol of strong faith to achieve the national reunification.

President Kim Il Sung, who aroused the nation to the glorious patriotic struggle for the national unity and reunification, was the sun of the Korean nation and lodestar of the reunification.

The sacred life of the peerless patriot is riveted in the hearts of the south Korean people and their ardent yearning for the President is high.

The chairman of the April 15 Comrades said as followings:

President Kim Il Sung is the eternal sun of the nation. As the unchangeable orbits of the planets going round the sun, the aspiration of the south Korean people who uphold him remain unchanged.

The public sentiments of the south Korean people are the quintessence of the admiration and yearning for the President.

Now, the loyal minds are developing into the firm faith to go along the way of national reunification shown by Chairman Kim Jong Un who is identical with the President.

Chairman Kim Jong Un, who succeeds to the lofty and patriotic will of the great leaders, leads the nationwide struggle for the national reunification to victory and set forth the most reasonable proposals for the reunification at the 7th Congress of the WPK.

Upholding his wise leadership is the only way to achieve national reunification and ensure the nation’s lasting happiness and prosperity.

Now, led by Chairman Kim Jong Un, the lodestar of the national reunification, all Korean people are confident of reunification, the long-cherished desire of President Kim Il Sung.
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