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Great Man’s Taste


President Kim Il Sungtalks with ex-US president Jimmy Carter
Great Man’s Taste
President Kim Il Sung had an interview with a journalist delegation from the American newspaper TheWashington Times that was on a visit to the DPRK on April 12 Juche 81 (1992.) 

An American journalist, who was fascinated by the President’s personality in the course of the interview, put a question to the President that many say that you are as healthy as a man in his fifties and what is the secret of it.

Foreign journalists especially from the West are interested in personal taste or privacy when they meet the heads of state or prominent statesmen. Because their personalities are known by their taste or privacy they keep.  

He thought that the President would have peculiar hobby or amusement and sports.
President Kim Il Sung said that he has no particular hobby or amusement of his own and he is fond of reading and he likes mixing with the people and sharing their company.
The journalist unlocked his heart to the President. 

“I have been told hunting, angling, swimming and amusement are their hobby from many heads of state and eminent political figures, but I have never heard reading and mixing with people are their hobby. 

Your hobbies are too humble and I wonder whether these are hobby, however, meaning resident in your remark is tantamount to space. Indeed, your hobbies are hobby of a great man of world unrivaled with anyone.” 

The journalist told CNN TV. 

“President Kim Il Sung is a quite different person compared with heads of state of foreign countries I have met.

He is an ordinary and energetic person. He showed an affirmative response to the interview and answered perfectly to the questions.
What is most impressive is that he does not stand by his opinion and is very unceremonious.”

The people from different countries including the US and the West were greatly moved by the greatness of the President.

After two years, President Kim Il Sunganswered questions raised by a journalist delegation from CNN International.

The journalist delegation put questions to the President that although you are the embodiment of the Korean nation and its people, many people around the world would be very interested in learning more about you as a person. What sort of books do you read? What have been the most important influences that have shaped your personality and your policies?

I enjoy reading books on various subjects to acquire knowledge, which is helpful to the prosperity of the country and the people’s well-being. Books are silent teachers; the people are the most resourceful and best-informed teachers for me. Belief in the popular masses as masters of the revolution and construction and reliance on their strength have constituted my political philosophy. I think this factor has enabled me to devote all my life to the people, the President said.

As the sun is eternal, the beaming image of President Kim Il Sung is remembered in the hearts of mankind.

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