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Great men’s imperishable achievements

The south Koreans speak in highest terms of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who had trained the Korean People’s Army to be an invincible revolutionary army, while wondering at the KPA that defends national sovereignty.

Saying that brave soldiers under a brave general and an army under the command of a brilliant commander knows no defeat, a historian asserted that the KPA displays its might as a formidable one.

An internet website of the pro-reunification organization carried following article.

President Kim Il Sung put forth the line of armed struggle, the nucleus of which is the ideology of attaching importance to arms, and founded the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerilla Army to commence the Songun-based revolutionary leadership. After Korea’s liberation from military rule of Japanese imperialism, he set forth the line of building up of a new country and the line of giving a simultaneous push to the economy and defense, wisely led it to its implementation and strengthened the KPA as the strongest one in the world.   

The Songun politics administered by Chairman Kim Jong Il made us realize keenly the undying exploits and clairvoyance of President Kim Il Sung who authored the Songun idea.

A south Korean military commentator said that Chairman Kim Jong Il had advanced the idea of giving precedence to the army unprecedented in history of the world army building and trained the KPA to be an invincible army with his Songun-based leadership. 

The south Korean internet paper Jajuminbo stressed it is quite natural that the US troops cannot match the KPA and went on. 

North Korea has already defeated Uncle Sam in the warfare of ideology, brain and pluck.
It had won the three-year-long war against the US in the 1950s. 

The KPA is waiting for the final order of supreme commander Kim Jong Un, deploying powerful strategic strike weapons enough to reduce Washington to submission at a dash.

The US is frightened by the thunderbolt-like declaration made public by the KPA Supreme Command and the day when the US drops a shell on north Korea will be the day of the US downfall, a south Korea writer said. 

Thanks to adamant will, pluck and sagacious leadership of KPA supreme commander Kim Jong Un who continues the Songun politics of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, the day will surely come when Washington would present surrender document to Pyongyang on bended knees, a professor in Gwangju said.

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