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Great Mother of Korea

68 years have elapsed since Kim Jong Suk, an indomitable revolutionary fighter and anti-Japanese war heroine, passed away.

She dedicated her heart and soul to the cause of national liberation and the victory of the revolution.

She protected President Kim Il Sung at the risk of her own life and ensured that the Korean revolution advanced victoriously under his leadership. With her uncommon intelligence, unbreakable will and outstanding ability to lead people, she assisted the President in winning the war against the Japanese aggressors, and made distinguished contributions to the building of a new country.

Kim Jong Suk was a paragon of revolutionaries as she had shown warm love for her comrades and the people with the spirit of devoted service for them, always leading a frugal life.

She lived only 4 years in the liberated homeland she had longed for it during the bloody struggle of the anti-Japanese revolution. Her death was a great loss for the Korean nation, for she ended her life at the age of 32.

However, she rendered notable services to the country and the nation for the freedom and happiness of the people in her short lifetime.

Her life was the honorable life of a bodyguard soldier. In addition, she brought up leader Kim Jong Il to be the great successor of the President and laid a stable foundation to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche down through generations.

True to her will, leader Kim Jong Il carried forward the Juche revolutionary cause pioneered by the President and firmly defended the socialism to put the DPRK on the position of a politico-military power in the world.

Now, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un carries forward the lineage of Mt. Paektu to usher in a new era of building a socialist thriving nation.

Her imperishable achievements will remain forever in the hearts of the Korean people century after century with the eternal future of the socialist thriving Korea under the wise leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

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