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Great Mother of Revolution

Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese heroine
Great Mother of Revolution
 67 years have elapsed since Kim Jong Suk, the prominent heroine born of the Korean nation and great mother of the revolution, passed away.

There is none in the world a revolutionary and patriotic such as Kim Jong Suk who worked her heart and soul for the leader and revolution, the country and nation.

She was the most loyal bodyguard and supporter of President Kim Il Sung.

She set out on the road of the armed struggle in her teens to liberate Korea from the Japanese imperialists. Holding President Kim Il Sung in high esteem as the sun of the nation, she, cherishing the national liberation and happiness would surely be realized under the wise leadership of the President and took it as her highest mission to protect his safety. During the grim anti-Japanese armed struggle, she safeguarded the President at the crucial moments when the enemies aimed guns at him such as a battle on the outskirts of Dashahe and Hongqihe Battle. Even after Korea’s liberation, she reliably defended his safety as a constantsentry.

She championed the revolutionary idea of the President firmly and never failed to fulfill any difficult tasks under any circumstances, if they were to implement his orders and ideas. Her noble example shows how revolutionaries uphold the idea of their leader and carry out the orders and instruction of the leader.

The greatest service she rendered on behalf of the times, history and nation is that she laid a solid foundation for the revolutionary cause of President Kim Il Sung to be successfully carried forward.

She brought up her son, leader Kim Jong Il, to acquire the qualities and virtues befitting a great man such as ardent love for the country and people, noble virtue and great humanity, audacious courage and pluck since his childhood. At the last moments of her life, she told her son that he must respect President Kim Il Sung and successfully carry forward his cause. True to her will, leader Kim Jong Il, as the successor to the President, firmly defended the socialism and built up the DPRK as the world-class politico-military power to demonstrate the dignity and stamina of the Korean nation.

Chairman Kim Jong Un, another peerless great person, inherits the bloodline of Mt. Paektu and is now ushering a new era of building a thriving nation. The immortal exploits of Kim Jong Suk will go down along with the eternal future of the DPRK that wins victory after victory and makes great strides under the wise leadership of the Chairman. 
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