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Great Succession

Kim Jong Un, KPA Supreme Commander
Great Succession
The Korean people are blessed with brilliant commanders through generations.
It was a historic event of great significance in strengthening the revolutionary armed force and accomplishing the socialist cause that Chairman Kim Jong Il was appointed Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army on December 24, 1991. 
Born as the son of the guerillas on Mt. Paektu, sacred mountain of the Korean revolution, he grew up in the flames of wars against the Japanese imperialists and US aggressors and left the brilliant traces on the road of the Songun-based revolutionary leadership on August 25 1960, proving his qualification and personality worthy of a brilliant commander. 
Having him at its helm, the KPA could tide over the grim trials of history and thus greeted the heyday of its development. 
Having a keen insight into the prevailing situation and the demand of the developing revolution with his clairvoyant wisdom and extraordinary view of political and military affairs, he directed great efforts to strengthen and develop the KPA into elite combat ranks. 
He made continuous tours of inspection to defense lines to inspire the soldiers with confidence in victory and courage and showed the parental affection for them. Thanks to his Songun-based leadership, the KPA has been developed into an invincible one, cherishing the spirit of defending the leadership of the revolution unto death, and the army and people have achieved the unity in thought and fighting spirit.
The number of units he inspected in the defense sector from 1995 to December 2011, that is, the last month of his life, amounts to more than 2 490. 
On December 30, 2011, the DPRK people acclaimed Kim Jong Un as the KPA supreme commander. 
Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un endowed with an unshakable confidence in victory, grit and matchless courage, has led the struggle of the KPA and people for the victorious advance of the Songun revolution to demonstrate the might of the powerful revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu.
His inspection of the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the KPA on New Year’s Day was a solemn declaration of his undaunted will to continue Kim Jong Il’s Songun politics and revolutionary leadership steadfastly. Since then he has continuously inspected the KPA units all the year round and ushered in a new heyday in army building. 
He visited Cho, Jangjae and Mu islets at the forefront, and Panmunjom where the enemy’s post is a stone’s throw, bestowing parental affection on the soldiers and instilling in them invincible strength and courage. Under his energetic guidance the invincible might of the KPA has been further reinforced. 
Addressing the military parade in celebration of the 100th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung held in April of 2012, he solemnly declared that the military and technical edge is no longer the monopoly of the imperialists and that the era is gone forever when the enemy would threaten the Korean people with atomic bombs. 
The KPA has fully prepared itself for the great war of justice to reunify the country by frustrating the enemy’s moves of aggression, defended the country and performed brilliant feats in socialist construction as the artists of the people’s happiness. 

The Korean People’s Army will hold the unfurled banner of the Supreme Commander with the star of Marshal and remain faithful to the leadership of Kim Jong Un, who is shouldering the destiny of the country and nation and carrying forward the cause of Songun that has been led successfully by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

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