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Great tradition and inheritance

With the passage of time, south Koreans highly extol the undying exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who had defended the cause of socialism on the strength of arms of Songun and turned north Korea into an invincible bulwark. 

A professor in political science in Daejeon told his students that north Korea steadfastly defends its national dignity and sovereignty, crushing the US and its followers’ reckless war maneuvers against north Korea, and went on:    

Washington has made desperate efforts to fulfill its ambition for world domination, regarding north Korea as a thorn in its flesh, however, it is little short of a pipedream.

In north Korea, there is a powerful capability enough to meet threat and challenge of any aggressive forces. That is the Songun politics.

The Songun politics is the spiritual sword. With it north Korea gains ascendancy over the US to protect the dignity of the country and nation.    

The foundation of Songun politics is the ideology of giving precedence to arms, in a word, the slogan “Weapons are our life and soul! Oppose armed force with armed force!” put forth by Kim Il Sung in the incipiency of the anti-Japanese armed struggle. Chairman Kim Jong Il defined Songun politics as the main mode of socialism, leading the fiercer DPRK-US showdown to victory, a pro-reunification movement group posted the above-said article on its website. 

Kim Jong Il started his Songun-based leadership by inspecting the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division of the KPA on August 25, 1960. It was of great significance for the development of the revolutionary armed forces of north Korea and the accomplishment of the Juche revolutionary cause, pundits of a think tank asserted.    

Based on the Juche idea, Kim Jong Ilenriched President Kim Il Sung’s idea of giving priority to arms into the Songun idea. On the condition that imperialism has put military pressure upon progressive humankind, the Chairman strengthened the army, the main force of the revolution, and opened a bright vista for socialism by putting forward the army armed with politically and ideologically, a member of the National Alliance for Democracy and Reunification said.

The South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance of Youth and Students for the Korea’s Reunification in an article on its website stressed that thanks to Songun politics of the illustrious commander, the Korean nation became the dignified one in the world and a lecturer in Seoul stated it was a marvelous event that north Korea launched an application satellite by its own efforts and with indigenous technology.

Chairman Kim Jong Il humbled the US, behaving as if it were master of the world, to the dust. Uncle Sam has frightened north Korea into submission through economic blockade and military pressure, however, the US could not but come to the negotiating table, holding a white flag, for fear of north Korea’s war deterrence. The Chairman’s option for Songun politics was uncommon, the south Korean mass media including Jajuminboand Tongil News commented.  

The south Korean people are positive about that having Kim Jong Un who takes the road of independence, Songun and socialism, history of peerless great persons of Mt. Paektu will go down and the cause of national reunification and the building of a socialist prosperous nation will be surely achieved.   

Today the world attention is focused on DPRK supreme leader Kim Jong Un. It is the unanimous view of the critics within and without that Kim Jong Un would administer the politics based on Songun idea and method of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, an online media stressed. 

An expert on north Korea noted that supreme leader Kim Jong Un, true to the instructions of Chairman Kim Jong Il, would leave remarkable trace by dint of Songun politics by directing big efforts into the building of an economic power. 

A researcher of the studies of political affairs said the Songun cause that has been started in the bloody war against Japan is being carried forward successfully. 

The broad segments of people have set up websites introducing the greatness of Kim Jong Un in succession and posted articles and videos titled “Great tradition and inheritance” and “Rosy future of north Korea led by supreme leader Kim Jong Un” on them.

Chairman Kim Jong Il’s ideology and political creed will be inherited by supreme leader Kim Jong Un to the last, a researcher at a social institution assured.

As supreme leader Kim Jong Un leads the DPRK, the future of the Korean nation is bright and the dawn of a reunified and prosperous country desired by Chairman Kim Jong Il will come true, a south Korean Internet paper Surprisestressed.

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