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Growing uneasiness

 The 20th presidential election was the worst and the most fraudulent one which was stained with conflict, disgust and violence.

The continuous suspicion of illegality and corruption of the candidates of the ruling and opposition parties, negative offensive, meeting and parting and mockery of people are unprecedented.

The process of the unification of the candidates of the opposition parties showed vulgarity of the political circles.

Two parties discussed unification of the candidates through political compromise as there was no hope to win.

What the presidential election brought was the disgust and disillusion about the political circles.

South Korean people from different strata figure that the situation and social conflicts would be more exasperated after the presidential election.

Words go out that the inter-Korean ties would be more deteriorated and it would invite war on the Korean Peninsula.

Meantime, the mass media predict the social conflict and division will get more serious.

The residents express their concerns that economic and livelihood including social discord and real estate would become worse.

And they say 5 years will be one of unease and pain.

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