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Happy land of sexual equality

     Seventy-six years have passed since the Law on Sexual Equality was proclaimed. The proclamation of the Law on Sexual Equality was the national-historic event reflecting the cherished desire of north Korean women to live worthy of human free from the centuries-old feudal oppression, humiliation, contempt and restraint.  

The north Korean women could lead a genuine life as proud members of the society after President Kim Il Sung restored the country from the Japanese military rule and proclaimed the Law on Sexual Equality.

Thanks to generousness and benevolence of the President, the north Korean women became masters of the factories and rural communities and grew into heroines, labor innovators and the vanguards of the era.

Chairman Kim Jong Il gave continuity to brilliant history of attaching importance to the women in north Korea.

The Chairman saw to it that a social climate of loving and respecting the women is prevalent in north Korea, with the result legendary stories for the women have been created in north Korea.  

The Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un puts the north Korean women on the meridian of glory and happiness.

He leads the women to perform their duty for the national prosperity, harmony for the society and their families.

There are many women in the world, however, no women lead a dignified and honored life like the women in north Korea.

The south Korean women as well as the world people are looking up to north Korea and envious of the north Korean women.

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