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Hearty Party

Ushering in October, the world is in a festive mood.

Then who is the master of October and from when its history began?

October 10, 1945 would give the answer.

On the historic day, President Kim Il Sung founded the Workers Party of Korea.

70-year long history of the WPK is a revolutionary history of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and of a motherly party which exists for the people and serves the people.

After the foundation, the WPK has displayed its might as an ever-victorious party without failure or deviation in its policy. It is a brilliant fruition produced by the sagacious leadership and devotion of the President and Chairman who put their hearts and souls into the revolution and people all their life.

As the Korean nation had not a prominent leader in the last century, flunkeyism, dogmatism and factional strife were past Koreas inevitable destiny.

President Kim Il Sung put an end to the disgraceful history. Chairman Kim Jong Il developed the WPK into a solid and invincible one that the monolithic system of leadership has been firmly established.

Under their wise leadership, the Korean revolution has won victory after victory. The peoples paradise, where people are singing our house is the bosom of the Party, has been built.

Looking  up to an ideal society built in the Workers’ Party era for the first time in the history of the Korean nation as their beacon of hope, the south Korean people have a great reverence and affection for the President and Chairman.

An intellectual in Busan admired that President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il were literally the sun of humankind. A laborer in Gwangju spoke out his mind that it is his lifelong desire to live in the paradise such as north Korea.

North Korean people are leading worthwhile and happy life under the warm care of the supreme leader Kim Jong Un, the supreme incarnation of human love. The south Korean people harden their determination to put great efforts to build a new paradise in the hellish south Korean society.

They insist in unison that the only way for Korean nation is to follow the supreme leader.

Led by Kim Jong Un who succeeds to the immortal exploits of the President and Chairman, the glorious history of the WPK, the organizer and guide of all victories for Korean people, will go down to eternity. Under his wise leadership, independent reunification, peace and prosperity would surely come.

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