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Heated strife for party hegemony

The opposition Liberty Korea Party is at loggerhead over the next party presidency with the approach of the LKP convention to be held on Feb. 27.

Some days ago, candidates for next party presidency including Hwang Gyo-ahn, O Se-hun and Kim Jin-tae spoke ill of each other by slandering “a shirker of military service”, “a good-for-nothing man”, “the author of checking expansion of conservatism” and “a turncoat that abandoned the party when it was in an awkward situation”.

Hwang, who served as the prime minister during the days of the Park Geun-hye regime, makes desperate efforts to scratch Park’s back and extend his sympathy to Park. It is a puerile intrigue to win support from the pro-Park group.

Kim Jin-tae is giving his best shot to achieve his political aim by exploiting Park. He has claimed political relationship with Park. He is trying very hard to win pro-Park’s coteries over to his side.    

Meantime, former Seoul mayor O Se-hun is laying the blame for disrupting the party at the door of Park. He said that the party should abandon Park and pumped curses upon Park’s supporters. He is taunting Hwang a novice in politics.

Ahead of the LKP convention, political philistines of the LKP are exchanging hot words with each other over the issue of Park, while seeking their political goal. 

The south Korean media outlets are sniping at the LKP which is reduced into pro-Park party.

Now broad segments of south Korean people are lashing out at the LKP.
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