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Hectic War Games

The US and south Korean warmongers kicked off the Key Resolve joint military exercises for invading the DPRK across south Korea on March 13 despite the public condemnation and rejection at home and abroad.

To be involved in the military drills are unprecedentedly huge forces including the US forces present in south Korea, overseas US troops, south Korean forces and troops of their vassal countries participating in the reckless Foal Eaglejoint military maneuvers since March 1. They will be staged with Carl Vinson and Ronald Reagan nuclear carriers striking groups, nuclear strategic bombers, stealth fighters and various other nuclear strategic assets and operation military hardware of the US.

The US troops and the south Korean forces openly announced that these war games would focus on putting into more concrete shape 4D Operation aimed at making a preemptive strike at the DPRK including precision strikes at its major facilities and, at the same time, involve the drill to be staged under the simulated conditions of the deployment of THAAD.

That day the commander of the US forces present in south Korea and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of south Korean army kicked up war hysteria for invading the DPRK, crying out for “strong counteraction against provocation” from someone, aboard Carl Vinson.

The People’s Action for Peace against War called a joint press conference with 41 groups in front of the US embassy in Seoul on March 13 at which they demanded an immediate stop to the ongoing the US-south Korea joint military maneuvers and establishment of peace system.

It declared that it would launch a campaign in front of the US embassy at lunchtime every day from now to March 24 in demand of stop to the joint military exercises. It added that it would conduct actions in Pohang in which Ssangyong military rehearsals would be started at the beginning of April in order to check the projected deployment of THAAD.  

The foolhardy maneuvers of disturbers of peace and nuclear warmongers, who are pushing the situation on the Korean Peninsula to potential nuclear war, would meet destructive consequences.

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