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Hell of Workers

May Day has come.

Every worker in the world greets the May Day.

The day has begun with an explosion of the workers’ wrath against the cruel exploitation and oppression of capital. Since then 130 years have passed. But the exploitation and oppression still subsist in the world and the dreams of workers have not been realized yet.

Especially, the workers in south Korea are exploited and oppressed double due to the US colonial rule and Park regime’s anti-popular misgovernment.

The brothers and sisters in the DPRK greet the day joyfully with victorious pride. But in south Korea, instead of cheering crowds, demonstrating workers fill the streets in anger.

They are putting up do-or-die resistance in the streets and workshop for the genuine emancipation of workers and rights to live.

Park Geun-hye, the champion of anti-popular misgovernment, has driven the livelihood of the people to a desperate situation and made workers’ hell of south Korea under the pretext of the “labor reform”.

In the world, none can compete with south Korea in the rate of unemployment and suicide. Millions of unemployed people suffer extreme poverty while the part-timers are in constant fear of dismissal due to the Park regime’s pro-conglomerate policy.

Seemingly, south Korea looks like a paradise. But the paradise is only for a tiny handful of capitalists. The working masses are speaking means for the greedy capitalists. The exploited and oppressed starvelings are roaming the streets. This is the true color of the miserable society of south Korea.

Where there is oppression, there will be resistance, and where there is exploitation, struggle is bound to break out.

On the occasion of May Day, under the slogan of “Drive out the pro-enterpriser Park regime and anti-worker Saenuri Party”, the brave workers in south Korea made a united effort to get rid of Park Geun-hye for the rights to live and labor. The stern punishment to the present conservatives in the last parliamentary election proves that the unity of the working masses is so powerful.

Unity gives the strength to the working masses.

Only when the workers carry on a hard-hitting struggle against the Park regime and the Saenuri Party more vigorously, the new society centered on the working masses must be built.
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