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Historic event in history of reunification movement

Now south Korean people speak in highest terms of ChairmanKim Jong Il who provided the Korean nation with the June 15 Joint Declaration and devoted his energy and soul to achieve Korea’s reunification.

Thanks to his extraordinary wisdom, unshakable will to reunify the country, rare leadership art and broad-mindedness, inter-Korean summit was held in June 2000 and the June 15 Joint Declaration was published to make a turning-point in Korea’s reunification. It was a historic event that written a special page in national history of the reunification movement, a dissident said in a debate on the current situation sponsored by champions of labor movement.

An intellectual wrote an article titled “Leader Kim Jong Il and national reunification.”

Kim Jong Il devoted his all to relieve the pain of national division. He put forward many proposals of great significance in solving reunification question to carry them out. In particular, the June 15 reunification era made by his broad magnanimity brought enthusiastic reunification mood.

A retired professor in Seoul, telling about the validity of inter-Korean declaration to his disciples, added that it is only Chairman Kim Jong Ilwho threw light on the ways and means to settle issue of Korea’s reunification on the principle of independence and overall national cohesion, inter-Korean declaration was the fruition of his love for the country and nation.

A freelancer, in his article, wrote that Chairman Kim Jong Il put forth the idea of by the Korean nation itself as the core and stressed that the Korean nation should settle the reunification question independently in a responsible manner. A pressman said that thanks to the adoption of the Joint Declaration the south Korean people keenly realized that they are the makers of history.
An intellectual in Incheon expressed his feeling at a forum:

Thanks to inflexible faith and volition, extraordinary guidance and indefatigable efforts of Chairman Kim Jong Il who was going to open up the heyday of independent reunification and national prosperity without fail, the Korean nation’s movement for reunification has been able to make a victorious advance in defiance of all manner of challenges.

Saying that it is inconceivable to talk about the joint declaration without Chairman Kim Jong Il, a retired professor in Seoul spoke highly of him that he is a pioneer of the June 15 era of independent reunification.

The south Koreans harden their will to build a reunified powerful nation under the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un, venerating the Chairman as the sun of the nation forever.

Our party and the government of the DPRK will join hands with anyone who sincerely wishes the reunification of the country and peace and prosperity of the nation.” The historic declaration made by Kim Jong Un on the rostrum of Kim Il Sung Square stirred up the hearts of the south Korean people.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un is one who has an ardent love for the country and nation that the Chairman possessed. He fostered genuine patriotism in his early days and awoke to precious value of his country and people, while accompanying Kim Jong Il in the period of “Arduous March”, a professor in Busan noted.

Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, who successfully carries forward the cause of Chairman Kim Jong Il with his pure fidelity and noble sense of moral obligation, a reunified thriving nation would be built on the Korean Peninsula without fail.

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