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Historic Inspection of Panmunjom

KPA Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un inspects the truce village of Panmunjom
Historic Inspection of Panmunjom
Supreme leader Kim Jong Un inspected the truce village of Panmunjom in March 3, 2012, five years ago.

It was a severe time when the US and south Korean bellicose forces were maneuvering to unleash a war. Trumpeting about “emergency” and “change of system” in the DPRK, they were making a desperate bid to provoke a war against it and the world people focused on the Korean Peninsula with tense look.

At this juncture, he inspected Panmunjom, the extremely dangerous forefront.

His inspection dealt a hard blow at the trigger-happy forces of the US and south Korea keen on war games and it was a grand immortal act of brilliant commander to realize the Korean nation’s heart’s desire, the national reunification.

While inspecting Panmunjom, he recollected the immortal feats performed by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Ilfor the national reunification. He gave programmatic guidelines to the service personnel and had a photograph taken with them. He observed the south with composure and his plucky figure gave a glimpse of brilliant Songun commander.

If a fight breaks out in the future, the army and people of the DPRK will force the enemies to sign a paper of surrender, not simply putting signature on the armistice agreement, their knees bent, he stressed. His word made the enemies shudder and the world people admired.

South Korean mass media reported that it was like thunder and lightning in a clear sky and it was like a scene that the White House and Blue House break up to pieces in the air. On the websites, there were the words such as “Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un’s inspection of Panmunjom is a display of his plucky grit.” and “The US and the western are trembling with fear.”

The sovereignty and dignity of a nation are guaranteed by a prominent leader who has matchless courage and grit.

The Korean nation keenly senses the patriotic will of the supreme leader who opens the way for national reunification at the risk of his life. They are positive about a sure victory under his leadership.

Thanks to his steadfast will to realize the lifelong desire of the preceding leaders, the dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK are fully ensured and the national reunification will surely be achieved.

As the Korean nation upholds supreme leader Kim Jong Un as the lodestar of national reunification, the new era of a reunified and thriving nation will surely come true.

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