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History of Struggle for Reunification

72 years have passed since the glorious Workers Party of Korea was founded.

On the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of its foundation, the Korean people rendered infinite trust to the Juche-oriented WPK that has led the cause of national independence and reunification under the wise leadership of peerless great persons.

Looking back upon the past, the history of the WPK is the one of the great leaders who led the patriotic struggle for national reunification.

President Kim Il Sung, the founder of the WPK, put his heart and soul for the national reunification until his last moments and put his last signature to the historic document relating to reunification.

The struggle of the WPK to carry out the Juche-based line of reunification was succeeded by the leadership of leader Kim Jong Il and firm foundation for achieving reunification was provided.

He defined the three principles of national reunification, the proposal for founding a Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo and the 10-point program for the great unity of the whole nation set forth by the President as the three charters for national reunification. And he put forward the brilliant ideas and lines for national reunification to indicate the way to be followed by nation.

By his lofty patriotic will for reunification and courageous determination, two rounds of inter-Korean summits were held and the north-south declarations based on the idea of By the Korean Nation Itself were adopted. Those were great events that effected a U-turn in the national reunification.

Thanks to the wise leadership of the great leaders, the cause of national reunification has made a steady advance along the road of national independence century after century despite the vicious maneuvers of separatists at home and abroad.

Now, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, the brilliant great person of the Korean nation, stands at the head of the movement for national reunification. 

It is a fixed will of the WPK to carry out the life-long desire of the great leaders and achieve national reunification independently.

The Supreme Leader indicated new orientation and ways for independent national reunification at the 7th Congress of the WPK in May, 2016.

It is the line of struggle of the WPK to achieve national independence and overall national unity, secure peace and realize formula of federation by carrying out the three charters for national reunification.

The Korean people should wage a vigorous struggle to open up a broad avenue to independent reunification with firm confidence that the reunification will surely come true under the prominent leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
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