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History of the Sun

President Kim Il Sung is the eternal sun of the Korean nation and mankind.

April 15, 1912 when the President was born as the sun of Juche is the greatest auspicious national holiday which the Korean nation acclaimed the President for the first time in its history spanning thousands of years.

His whole life dated from his birthday is the history of the great person who illuminated the path ahead of the nation and mankind and led them to the road of independence with his extraordinary idea and theory, prominent leadership and high personality.

His protracted journey had been embroidered with the sacred exploits performed by him who dedicated his all to the nation and the prosperity of all generations to come.

President Kim Il Sung liberated the Korean people who were groaning under the colonial yoke of the Japanese imperialism. Thanks to him, the DPRK, once eclipsed on the world map, shows its dignity before the world.

Thanks to the Juche idea originated by the President, a new history of modern Korea was started and fresh era of Juche in which the popular masses advance along the road of independence was opened up.

With the titanic feats of the President, a great future is reserved for the DPRK.

April 15 is, indeed, the day which provides a sure guarantee for the dignity and victory, and everlasting prosperity of the DPRK and it is the auspicious holiday common to humanity that will be celebrated year after year.

The world progressives highly venerate the President as a distinguished leader, genius of creation and construction, and great person who had bequeathed the most valuable ideological and spiritual wealth to mankind in history.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un fulfilled the dearest wish of the Korean nation and mankind to revere the President for all ages by opening up a new chapter of the leader’s immortality.

All Korean people visualize the future of the DPRK to be brighter along with the spring of Mangyongdae through outstanding ideology and wise guidance of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Thanks to Marshal Kim Jong Un, the President’s birthday will be commemorated as the eternal jubilee of the sun. The Korean nation and humanity will sing the spring of April and Mangyongdae forever.

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