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Hotbed of All Evils

Being disconcerted over the climate for improvement of inter-Korean ties thanks to proactive steps and strenuous efforts of the DPRK, the Liberty Korea Party is getting frantic in its move to persist in standoff with the same brethren, branding the south Korean authorities as “the regime irresponsible for security”.  

It made preposterous remarks such as “sink of Cheonan warship” and “bomb” when the DPRK high-level delegation visited south Korea.

When accomplices of Park Geun-hye are founded guilty and Lee Myung-bak is threatened with arrest as he embezzled funds for special activity of the National Intelligence Service, it is making a desperate bid to get out of destruction, branding the above-said facts as a “political retribution”.  

In this regard, south Korean people raise their eyebrows at the LKP impeding the eradication of evils and throwing a wet blanket over improvement of inter-Korean relations.

Some days ago, members of the Solidarity for People’s Sovereignty and other organizations held a press conference in front of the office of the LKP to denounce its anti-reunification acts.

The south Korean people were greatly concerned about the Winter Olympics, however, the LKP described the Winter Olympics as “Pyongyang Olympics” and it was strong against the formation of a unified team of the south and the north of Korea, speakers noted.

The LKP, which hampers peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula and stokes inter-Korean confrontation, should meet a stern judgment by the nation, they said and expressed their will to continue actions against the LKP.  

Availing itself of this opportunity, they called for the people to build a peaceful and a reunified country by burying the LKP, hotbed of all evils.

They chanted slogans “Stamp out the LKP!” and “Remove the LKP!”

The LKP should face a stern punishment by history as element of disturbing peace and war to be criticized by the south Korean people.
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