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Hotbed of Corruption

South Korean people’s dissatisfaction with the Cheongwadae and the ruling Saenuri Party is growing in intensity as the Cheongwadae and the ruling Saenuri Party’s recent scandals are laid bare in a row.  

The Saenuri Party’s former head and his members in charge of information committed scandals when they launched propaganda for the last parliamentary election.  

In this connection, a spokesman of the emergency measure committee of the Saenuri Party shifted all the responsibility for the scandal on to those suspected to divert elsewhere public criticism.

In recent, a transcribed telephone was opened to the public that the leading figures of the Saenuri Party forced a candidate to change his constituency in order to field pro-Park candidate.

In this regard, the opposition parties as well as within the ruling party asserted that the investigation committee should be formed to hold legal responsibility for it.  

Woo Byong-woo, a civilian secretary of Cheongwadae, is under sharp criticism of the opposition parties and mass media as he was involved in a deal of additional real estate scandal and illegal designation of the director of the Prosecutors Office.

The Park Geun-hye regime and the Saenuri Party are a cesspool of corruption and their companies are a cluster of treachery.   

The south Korean people turned their backs to the south Korean ruling quarters which seek a gay life and lust for power in disregard of people’s livelihood. 
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