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Human scums with multiple sins

Nowadays, the defectors to south Korea are getting overheated at the van of anti-DPRK confrontation.

In its lead are Park Sang-hak, Lee Min-bok and Kim Seong-min. It is to be noted that they are identical in vileness.

They committed serious crimes in the DPRK and defected to south Korea to escape punishment for the crimes and wallow in luxury turning back upon their kinsmen and friends.

Park was an idler from his childhood and has given himself up to money even going further to steal a precious cultural treasure.

Kim stole state property and has committed various vile sins to live in wealth.

It is for this reason that they defected to south Korea where crimes stalk and money matters only and so they don’t hesitate to make confrontational schemes while getting money from the US and conservative groups.

It is said that even this year again the Ministry of Unification has launched a plan to give funds to the anti-DPRK organizations to “improve human rights in the north”.

It is extremely pathetic that they have a sad lot in trying to gain something from good-for-nothing human scums worse than a beast.

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