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“Hurry up, Please.”

     On May 31, 1999, Chairman Kim Jong Il arrived at the field training ground of a company after crossing high, rugged mountains.

It was just before lunchtime.

He learned about the soldiers’ training and moved to a makeshift kitchen in a corner of the field.

Seeing the side dishes piled up on the table, he asked what was the menu for lunch. Then he edged closer to the “kitchen wagon,” on which the ovens were steaming hot.

“Let me see what is ready for my soldiers’ meal.”

He mounted the wagon and opened the ovens one by one.

Stepping down, he said to the officers: In the period of field training the soldiers should be served with hot, good dishes. They might be unusually hungry, so it is necessary to feed them better and on time. You should serve meals at appointed hours lest they should go hungry. To do so, you should lay out the field kitchen well and ensure enough supply of rice and other foodstuffs so that meals could be prepared in good time.

Then the Chairman asked the time, and said to his entourage:

“It is high time for my soldiers to have lunch. Hurry up, please.”

“Supreme Commander!” called an officer of the unit in a chocking voice.

Others were also crying.

The Chairman emphasized that the soldiers should have lunch on time and, urging his entourage to take leave quickly, he got into the car.

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