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Ill-advised bravery

    The Yoon Suk-yeol regime sets forth “denuclearization of north Korea” as the heart of its policy toward north Korea.

It claims that strong and effective pressure on north Korea is needed until lasting peace and security are settled in the Korean Peninsula through process of “complete denuclearization of north Korea”.

It asserted that “denuclearization of north Korea” should be preceded in order to improve inter-Korean ties, push ahead with the north-south joint economic development project and build trust between north and south.

Nuclear issue is not the one to be mentioned by the Yoon regime or discussed between the north and south, in view of its occurrence and essence as well as the present structure of muscle around the Korean Peninsula.

The Yoon clique runs wild to formulate “north Korea’s nuclear abandonment first” and “CVID” (Complete Verifiable and Irreversible Denuclearization) which had been thrown into the trash can of history as its state policy and make a desperate effort to implement them, spinning out such a preposterous and unrealistic sophistry. It is a pipe dream.

It is also a hazardous act to turn the Korean Peninsula into a nuclear arsenal as well as a nuke exhibition, and bring dark clouds of a nuclear war to this land under the pretext of “a nuclear for a nuclear”.

“Preemptive strike on north Korea” touted by the Yoon Suk-yeol regime is a modified version of provocation of a nuclear war and an open war declaration that ignites the fuse of a nuclear arsenal.

The louder he gets vocal about the “denuclearization of north Korea” and the more nuclear weapons of the US are introduced into south Korea, the more rapidly south Korea turns into a theatre of fierce scramble of the big powers and an target of nuclear attack.  

In actuality, the ignorance of Yoon clique, which puts itself within the optical sight of north Korea’s and neighboring powers’ nuclear weapons, announces miserable calamity and downfall.

The “denuclearization of north Korea” advertised by the Yoon regime is an unpardonable all-out challenge to and the gravest provocation against the sovereignty of north Korea.

The Yoon regime should never forget even for a second that the strategic forces of the north Korea is on constant vigilance nearby while the strategic assets of the US are far away across the Pacific Ocean.

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