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Ill-boding remarks

On March 14, Na Gyong-won floor leader of the opposition Liberty Korea Party insisted on the special investigation committee into anti-national act divided the nation after Korea’s liberation at a meeting of the party. 

 In this regard, civic organizations and descendants of fighters for national independence visited the National Assembly on March 22 to demand Na’s resignation of assemblywoman.

A hundred years ago, the pro-Japanese element Lee Wan-yong made absurd remarks the anti-Japanese movement led to national disunion to weaken the Mach 1 independence resistance. Na made the same remarks as if Lee came back to life, they said.   

Na, who inflicted untold wounds upon the champions of independence movement and their descendants, should resign her membership and I demand Na to make an apology before the history and people in the name of a descendant of champion of independence movement, 101 years-old patriot Im Woo-churl noted.  

On March 18, a civic body issued a statement to strongly denounce Na. 

Branding her remarks as an absurd one, it contended that she has a gross misunderstanding about the history.

It demanded Na to make an apology to the people and resign her membership. It said that it would take a strong step to make Na face punishment by the people if she declines to accept the demand. 
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